St. Louis Ponds

St. Louis Ponds entrance

St. Louis Ponds is a 260 acre public open space owned by the State of Oregon and located directly on Interstate 5 just south of Woodburn, Oregon.  Offering seven ponds stocked with a variety of warm water fish species, it is a popular fishing destination.  GreenWorks has been commissioned through grant funding to master plan the central 20 acres of the site, with program elements including new accessible trails and fishing platforms, an education center and restroom, host sites, wet prairie & oak savannah habitat restoration zones and a new parking lot incorporating green stormwater infrastructure.

On February 4th, Mike Faha of GreenWorks met on site with the client, Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation and members of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to discuss the options and ideas that have been presented to date.  Completion of the master plan is expected for later this spring/summer.

One of seven ponds which the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife stocks with a variety of warm water fish species.

On February 4th Mike Faha met with members of the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife and the Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation to discuss ideas GreenWorks is currently developing for the site’s master plan vision.

In addition to being a sport fishing destination, St. Louis Ponds is also a place to come see a true Willamette Valley wet prairie ecosystem. Vernal pools that support Fairy Shrimp populations appear in depressions during the wet season, out amongst expanses of native tufted hairgrass.

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