Khunamokwst Park

Cully’s newest park is scheduled to open early spring of 2015. The park’s diverse play areas have a distinctive blend of traditional and nature-based play with swings, prefabricated climbing boulders, a low flow water feature, and a universally accessible play structure. The playground structure was conceptualized to feel like a tree fort next to the signature Douglas Fir tree in the heart of the park. The park also includes a picnic shelter with an eco roof, 3000 square foot skatedot, and a large open lawn.


Basalt columns are integrated around the play structure stabilize the slopes and provide discoverable routes for scrambling. Rubber tiles will be installed on the embankment.



Mauricio Saldana carved a couple pieces of stone that were incorporated into the seat wall including these fiddleheads.


The stone wall will provide seating looking out towards the park and protect the roots around the signature Douglas Fir tree.


Large timbers were salvaged from the structure that was previously on the site and are being placed around the play area for seating.


The low flow water feature has small stone waterfalls, colored concrete channel, and basalt columns that match the other stone in the play area.


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