Old Town / Chinatown Master Plan – Portland, Oregon

Old Town / Chinatown Master Plan

A master planning and development study for a 40 block area of downtown Portland, the project included a thorough inventory of existing conditions such as land use, tree canopy, green space, circulation, and neighborhood character. Using these precedents, along with an aggressive development program, GreenWorks, along with Ankrom Moisan Architects and clients Naito Properties and Beam Development, prepared a vision of what the area could be, encompassing livability and sustainability. Overall, the master plan goals incorporated mixed use, retail, housing, apartments, and a network of alley and courtyard open spaces into a vibrant district that is respectful of the historic nature of the area. Landscape concepts include a number of green street options, alleys incorporating art and innovative management of stormwater – including ecoroofs, roof gardens, flow-through planters, and rainwater gardens. Sustainability goals included net-zero energy and water use by 2030, as well as a carbon neutral development, of which plantings and street trees, as well as green materials, played a major role in carbon sequestration. In addition to being a sustainable model, the study is a realistic blueprint for the revitalization of Old Town – Chinatown over the next 20 years.

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