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GreenWorks is a landscape architecture and urban design practice based in Portland, Oregon. We are distinguished by our ability to embed natural processes within our designs to restore the health of ecosystems and communities within our urban watersheds. Since 1997, the practice has developed creative site planning and design solutions for a variety of project types and scales; from large complex regional and district-scale sites, to unique and meticulous design projects.

Our commitment to service, creativity, and environmental stewardship is revealed through our capacity to provide clients with projects that integrate people and nature through creative and sustainable design. We are a casual, friendly practice with a shared environmental ethos. Our collaborative and spontaneous workplace catalyzes a progressive approach to problem solving. We approach every project as an opportunity to have a great time working with enlightened clients. Our clients appreciate our creative site planning and design solutions with exceptional project management and deliverables. Our culture is what drives our ability to develop high quality and innovative solutions for healing of our urban watersheds.


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