Ben Johnson

Associate | Landscape Architect
Licensure: Oregon, California

Role at GreenWorks:
Ben Johnson, PLA, CPSI, is a registered landscape architect and project manager for GreenWorks with 15 years of experience. Ben’s responsibilities at GreenWorks consist of design and planning on a variety of project types with an emphasis on neighborhood and community parks, playgrounds, trails, and landscape restoration. Ben has seen many public park projects and nature-based playgrounds through the various stages from planning through construction. He has been responsible not only for preparing unique design concepts, but also taking the initial vision through construction. This experience has given him the ability to understand the overlap between planning, public engagement, design, permitting, and construction which are all integral to a projects success.

Ben has built a reputation as a nature-based play specialist. He brings a unique approach that combines safety, construction detailing, long-term maintenance, sustainable design, and play value to create unique play environments for children of all ages and abilities. As a parent, Landscape Architect, and Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI), Ben applies creative innovation to playground designs with safety as a priority. His nature-based play experience includes Westmoreland Nature-Base Play Area, Silver Falls Nature Play, Metro’s Nature Play Advocacy Kit, Khunamokwst Park, Engelman Park, Roger Tilbury Memorial Park, Trillium Creek Park, and Gateway Green.

Why I work here:
I have been keeping a close eye on GreenWorks since I moved from Florida to Portland 12 years ago. What I’ve mostly admired about the firm over the years is clear – their genuine obligation and sensitivity to the land above all other things. GreenWorks has been beating the sustainability drum long before others knew there was music to be played. I interviewed with Mike Faha nine years ago just before accepting another position, but I had a feeling then that I would be back someday. And here I am, on the cowbell, with an upbeat tempo.