Margot Halpin

Landscape Designer

What is my role at Greenworks?

Margot is a Landscape Designer whose role is to support the wide variety of planning and design projects throughout the company. Margot comes to Greenworks with an educational background in Natural Resource Planning coupled with a Masters in Ecological Landscape Design and Planning. She is drawn to projects that result in community building and educational spaces as well as an ecologically rich habitat for native plants, insects, and animals.

Why do I work at Greenworks?

Coming from a natural sciences background, the original reason I decided to pursue Landscape Architecture was to have a positive influence on urban ecosystem services. Greenworks is a unique firm that stood out to me in this regard before even moving to the Portland area. The whole-systems-thinking design approach of studying site context, engaging with community, and ultimately producing artful spaces, directly align with the design I’d like to practice. I look forward to continue to build my knowledge of ecologically focused Landscape Architecture amongst some of the best in the field!