Sean Stroup

Role at GreenWorks:
Sean comes to GreenWorks with a skill set enhanced by his time as a construction foreman where the hands-on experience translated to an understanding of constructability and strong technical deftness. Having lived and played in the Pacific Northwest his entire life, he carries an intimate connection with the varied landscapes that form this bountiful wonderland. Sean sees Landscape Architecture as an ability to artistically discover ways that multi-faceted systems can resonate as a cohesive whole. His second major in Geography provides knowledge of how processes shape our environment and the life within it over time, leading to designs and installations that work with the land rather than act upon it. Sean’s current roll with GreenWorks is Construction Project Manager. His responsibilities include coordination with clients, contractors and numerous stakeholders, on-site quality control, resource management, scheduling and budgeting. Experience includes project management, natural resource planning, sustainable stormwater management, green infrastructure design, recreational/interpretation design and environmental restoration.

Why I work here:
GreenWorks has established themselves as a forward-thinking design firm, creating solutions that are dynamic, functional and appropriate to the place. I’m excited to be part of this talented team who possess the awareness to conceive spaces that strengthen community bonds and increase cultural awareness. I knew I had found a home when Mike mentioned the key words “respect” and “open, honest communication”. This falls right in line with how I try to live every day, both professionally and personally.