Landscape Designer

Role at GreenWorks:

Azad is a landscape designer with three years of experience. Prior to working at GreenWorks, he was involved in several LEED projects and part of an Architects Without Borders team that redesigned an Ethiopian school campus. Working on these collaborative projects that benefit both the community and environment carry over smoothly to the type of work for which GreenWorks is known. Azad is a LEED accredited professional who contributes his knowledge of details, graphic capabilities, creativity, and dedication to sustainability.

Why I work here:

After working at a three person firm and a twenty person firm, I feel that I have found in GreenWorks the perfect combination of firm size and project work. GreenWorks has “large firm” capabilities, yet “small firm” personality and unity.To me, working here is worthwhile because I am alongside individuals who strive to make designs that better the environment and the public livability. I believe this is the perfect place to further myself as a landscape architect.


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture

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