Making Improvements to Show We Care

GreenWorks is currently reviewing our sustainable office practices and looking for ways to improve. GreenWorks has been promoting sustainable design and sustainable office practices for decades, but we like to think that sustainability is not a destination, but a journey! There’s always room for improvement. This week, we received new recycling boxes from the City of Portland’s Sustainability at Work program. Each box comes printed with a list of what can and cannot be recycled in it. This will help maximize recycling in our office. We’re definitely starting the year off right. Even our Valentine’s Day decorations, made from repurposed paper, show our efforts to keep sustainability as a core value of the firm.

GreenWorks Employee gets Published

As a member of a group called Community of Practice, Jill Roszel published an article in the Oregon Planners’ Journal, a publication of the Oregon Chapter of the American Planning Association entitled, “Learning from Our Past: Stabilization Strategies to Offset Public-Investment Induced Gentrification Caused Displacement.”

Community of Practice was comprised of a group of concerned students and professionals that met in 2015-2016 to consider how planners in Oregon can help advance the practice of not causing gentrification-caused displacement, particularly associated with public transportation investments.


GreenWorks Recognizes Employees Active in the Milwaukie Community

Ben Johnson and Michael Corrente, residents of the Milwaukie area, are both active members of their civic community.

Michael Corrente has just been appointed to the Design and Landmarks Committee of the City of Milwaukie. His appointment will be made official at the February 7th City Council meeting. The Design and Landmarks Committee (DLC) is a 5-member group established to advise the Planning Commission on urban design, architectural, and historic preservation activities including but not limited to design review of development proposals in downtown, education and outreach, designation of historic districts and landmarks, and historic and cultural resources inventories.

Ben Johnson has served as a board member on the City of Milwaukee’s  Parks Advisory Review Board since 2015. As a member, Ben and his fellow board members coordinate with the City and Parks District to provide for the community’s parks and recreation needs.

Thank you Mike and Ben! GreenWorks is very proud of our civic-minded team.

GreenWorks Celebrates Halloween!

pumpkin-2GreenWorks principal, Mike Faha, hosted a Halloween party at his home for the office and their families. Enjoying the perfect autumn afternoon and each other’s company, we all had a blast carving pumpkins, snacking on hors d’oeuvres, and playing ping pong. From a unicorn to a scary jack-o-lantern, everyone harnessed their imagination and transformed their pumpkins into works of art. We hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday tonight with clear skies and lots of candy!

GreenWorks Cleans Up!

img_20161021_134744115_hdrimg_20161021_131633762As we approach the 30th anniversary of our practice (20 years as GreenWorks), we decided to have an office-wide flat file clean-out. We turned up the music, enjoyed some pizza, and found out just how much paper can fit inside a recycle bin.

Mike Faha is Named A Fellow

It is always nice to be recognized for a job well done. But the most gratifying accolades are those that highlight work born of passion — work that inspires us and of which we are most proud. Founding Principal Mike Faha’s passion is in creating livable, sustainable communities that balance economic, ecological, and social needs. This year, he was recognized with the highest honor in his profession for a body of work that spans four decades and defines his legacy as both a pioneer and innovator of sustainable design. Sunday, at the ASLA Annual Meeting and Expo in Chicago, Mike was honored for his contribution to his profession and to society by being named a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects (FASLA) for 2015.

This great honor comes on the heels of another career milestone for Mike. In October, he was recognized by the American Public Works Association Oregon Chapter (APWA) with the Individual Award in Sustainability Practices for his contribution to projects that enhance the economic development, financial stability, education, safety, enjoyment, livability, environmental stewardship, conservation, and energy efficiency in communities throughout Oregon. With over 30 years’ experience restoring the health of urban watersheds, Mike tirelessly advocates for low impact development and promotes urban stormwater planning and design as an integral part of the work of landscape architects. His approach to projects integrates various professional disciplines in order to realize multiple-objective community design goals. To be acknowledged by his peers for the work that is closest to his heart is a tremendous moment in his career.

Cheers to Mike! This truly caps off a year that can only be described as an annus mirabilis for Mike and GreenWorks. With Gill Williams joining GreenWorks in March and numerous awards for our projects, GreenWorks truly has many reasons to give thanks for a wonderful year.

From left: Mike Faha and Mike Abbate at the 2015 ASLA Council of Fellows Investiture Dinner

2015-11-08 22.26.47

Mike Faha and former GreenWorker, Dave Elkin, at the FASLA Investiture Dinner

2015-11-08 22.41.48

From left: Paul Morris, Kerry Blind, Don Bringham, Mike Faha, Mike Abbate

2015-11-11 11.22.42

From left: Paul Morris, Mike Abbate, Gill Williams, Mike Faha, Carol Mayer-Reed

Bike to Work Challenge 2015

As we start the month of October, so ends another Bike Commute Challenge. We’ve had great ridership this year! The 10 participants logged a total of 1,185 miles, with Senior Landscape Architect, Dave Walters logging 306 of those miles all on his own! GreenWorks is very active in community events that promote and enrich our local Portland culture and the Bicycle Transportation Association’s  annual Bike Commute Challenge is one of our favorites. As early leaders working with the BTA, GreenWorks actively promotes bike ridership. In 2000, GreenWorks won first place in the first annual BTA Bike Commute Challenge, and we have won four additional first place awards since then. Here’s to another great year!


Jennifer D’Avanzo joins GreenWorks!


We are excited to welcome Jennifer as the newest member of the GreenWorks team! Jennifer has over 13 years of experience as a biologist and landscape designer. Drawing upon her experience from these two disciplines, Jennifer is a project manager at GreenWorks on a variety of planning and design projects consisting of stormwater management, green infrastructure, natural resource planning, recreation and interpretive design, and environmental restoration and enhancement.  Jennifer is a certified as a Professional Wetland Scientist and experience includes landscape design, wetland delineation and permitting, habitat assessment, biological surveys, visual analysis, regulatory compliance, construction management and monitoring. In her free time, Jennifer can be found in her garden, on a hike or a backpacking trip (maybe you can find her), practicing yoga, or frequenting one of Portland’s amazing restaurants.

GreenWorks Hosts Students from University of Oregon

Alison Lewis- 2nd year MLA Krisztian Megyeri- 2nd year MLA Virginia (Gini) Piercy- 3rd year MLA Ellee Stapleton- 2nd year MLA

Virginia (Gini) Piercy- 3rd year MLA
Ellee Stapleton- 2nd year MLA
Alison Lewis- 2nd year MLA
Krisztian Megyeri- 2nd year MLA
Mike Corrente – GreenWorks


On January 30th, GreenWorks hosted four college students from the University of Oregon as part of the 22nd Annual Shadow Mentor Day, an event organized by the Department of Landscape Architecture, Student ASLA and ASLA Oregon. The students spent part of the day with GreenWork’s staffers-Michael Corrente, Ben Johnson, Shawn Kummer, and Robin Moodie-who each gave presentations about the effort and commitment behind a variety of project types, as well as providing insight into the role professionals’ play in marketing efforts. After a casual Q and A lunch with GreenWorks staff, the students toured a few recent and past projects giving the students a broad overview of the Landscape Architecture profession.

GreenWorks Uses Werbin Park Project as Teaching Tool for Youth Program

As part of the Werbin Park development with the City of Portland Parks & Recreation, GreenWorks is supporting the Cully Neighborhood’s commitment to social equity. GreenWorks is providing outreach for underprivileged neighborhood children who, ultimately, are the true clients of this new park. The Werbin Park project is being used as a platform for teaching kids in the program about park design and the building process.  Partnered with Verde and Hacienda’s Expresiones after school program which engages 5th, 6th and 7th graders during the summer, GreenWorks is providing a series of events with Expresiones. The program consists of six weeks of activities including a site visit to Werbin Park and other similar parks. On the first field trip to GreenWorks, students learned about the design process, saw how construction drawings are put together, and participated in activities to develop their design skills. GreenWorks employees Ben Johnson, Claire Maulhardt and Jeff Boggess planned the interactive office visit with the students.

GreenWorks is working with Travis Ruybal (City of Portland), Tony Defalco and Nestor Campos (Verde), and Anna Gordon (Expresiones, Hacienda) in planning the summer field trips.


Outside taking some measurements! Expresiones, Hacienda’s after school program for kindergarten through eighth grade, visit GreenWorks, P.C. (From Left to Right: Nestor Campos, Jordi Bautista, Carmen Cortez, Carlos Cortez, Amberlee Riscajche, Guillermina Mendoza, Anna Gordon, Carlos Escalera, Jordi Moo, Ben Johnson – GW.)


Can four people walk side by side down an eight foot pathway and have someone else pass them in the opposite direction? GreenWorks organized spatial exercises demonstrating how the size and layout of elements like pathways and plazas relate to the number of users.


GreenWorks conducted a small drawing exercise showing the students how to start drawing a perspective. Each student designed the shape of their new house in plan and then learned the steps of turning that plan drawing into a 3D shape. See the wonderful drawings they produced below!



Carlos Cortez


Amberlee Riscajche

GreenWorker Rides in 2013 Rose Festival Starlight Parade

The annual running of the Starlight Parade was held on Saturday, June 1st kicking-off the Portland Rose Festival. Riding on one of the floats was GreenWorker Shawn Kummer, representing the Portland-Kaohsiung Sister City Association, Dragon Boat Paddling and the team he paddles for, Team Dumples (they don’t sound tough, but their combination of spirit, enthusiasm and might makes them a force to be reckoned with). The dragon boat float and festive Team Dumples made the front page of the Metro Section of the Sunday Oregonian! This is just a glimpse into the diverse activities that GreenWorks staff are engaged in outside the office. Click here to read the article.



Ace Mentoring Session at GreenWorks

GreenWorks hosted ACE Mentoring, a national program with the mission to engage, excite, and enlighten high school students to pursue careers in architecture, landscape architecture, engineering and construction.

As one of the team leaders of ACE, Claire Maulhardt, landscape designer with GreenWorks, has been involved with this student group to promote the relationship between students and the Landscape Architecture profession.

On January 24th, GreenWorks hosted an ACE Mentoring session geared toward site analysis, site design and the urban landscape. The ACE project this year is focused on an existing high school site that needs a new Career/Technical Education Addition or Arts Addition. Over the course of five months, the mentors will walk the students through the design and construction process using the project as an example. In an effort to instill sustainability in the minds of the students, the design will endeavor to reduce energy, conserve/store water, reduce and/or reuse waste, utilize on-site renewable energy sources, and incorporate the use of recycled materials.

The photographs below show a site planning exercise conducted by the students to determine the best location for the new addition on the existing school site.



Open to Construction: Designing for a New Landscape-Industry to Come

A UO Design Studio Charrette

At the University of Oregon, Irene Curulli, visiting assistant professor from The Netherlands (TU/e-EIndhoven University of Technology), kicked off her winter studio with a design charrette in Portland at the White Stag on UO’s Portland Campus. The intensive three day workshop included a site visit, two lectures from local landscape architecture professionals Claire Maulhardt (GreenWorks) and Elaine Kearney (Lango Hansen), a modeling assignment, and an in-depth analysis of existing site conditions. At the conclusion of the workshop, four groups presented their findings and design goals to the two the reviewers, Claire and Elaine, and the rest of the class. The group used four different lenses through which to look at the site: Water, Patches and Preserves, Site Acoustics, and Edges/Borders. The lenses helped them define characteristics of the site like the “water spine,” “bowl-shaped configuration,” and “shopping the edge.”

This studio will push the students to think about how to design a landscape that lends to the evolution of an industrial site. How can the site be “constructed” to expand and contract as industries come and go? What green infrastructure strategies can be proposed to protect the land from the type of activities industry imposes?

Claire will participate as a reviewer throughout the extent of this studio and encourage students to see new potential in developing industrial areas from the perspective of a landscape architect.

The studio will continue down in Eugene at the main University of Oregon campus for the rest of the term.

Claire Maulhardt gave a short lecture on the aspects of sustainable site strategies currently being explored and implemented in landscape architecture.

Claire Maulhardt gave a short lecture on the aspects of sustainable site strategies currently being explored and implemented in landscape architecture.

Students modeled the four senses: sight, smell, taste, and hearing. The model above is modeling the site acoustics of all the modes transportation that cross the site.

Students modeled the four senses: sight, smell, taste, and hearing. The model above is modeling the site acoustics of all the modes transportation that cross the site.

Using the Lens of Edges/Borders the group development very powerful site diagrams that showed current and future site circulation patterns.

Using the Lens of Edges/Borders the group development very powerful site diagrams that showed current and future site circulation patterns.

Sunday Review! Claire Maulhardt and Elaine Kearney carefully look over the presentation material prepared for the review.

Sunday Review! Claire Maulhardt and Elaine Kearney carefully look over the presentation material prepared for the review.

GreenWorks Visits U of O Architecture Studio

GreenWorkers Dave Elkin and Jeff Boggess were invited to visit Kevin Nute’s fifth year/grad level architecture studio at the University of Oregon in Eugene on October 11th.  The class is in the first stages of a year-long design process to rethink future development of two decommissioned Titan I nuclear missile complexes built in Northern California during the Cold War era.

Design challenges the students face include reuse of underground building infrastructure, removal of invasive plant species and remediation of contaminated soils and groundwater.

Dave and Jeff offered advice based on past and current bioremediation efforts (aka treatment wetlands and stormwater management), followed by an engaging round table discussion with the students and professor.

Thanks for the invite Kevin!  Good luck and keep us posted.

ASLA and AIA Oregon EP Greenroof Tour

Greenworker Claire Maulhardt, along with other ASLA and AIA Oregon Emerging Professional (EP) members, organized a great educational event on June 13th, Local Innovation in Greenroofs.  The sold out event was a green roof tour of three Portland buildings, followed by a lecture/discussion lead by Tim Nash of Columbia Green hosted at the Center for Architecture. Speakers on the green roof tour also included Casey Cunningham, City of Portland’s Sustainable Stormwater Division, and Trent Thelen, landscape designer of The Indigo Building green roof. The speakers talked about the plants, wildlife and technology of greenroofs.  The event met ASLA Oregon EP committee’s goal of encouraging professional enhancement.  Participants were given a unique opportunity to further their education and connect with fellow landscape designers and landscape architects. Greenworkers Danae Davison, Derek Sergison, and Azad Sadjadi were among the 25 participants.

This tour was ASLA Oregon’s Summer 2012 EP 101 Series event and was sponsored by Willamette Graystone and Columbia Green.

Tour members observe the Ladd Tower’s 4th floor greenroof

Derek Sergison and Danae Davison on The Indigo’s rooftop

The Indigo’s greenroof garden

Special THANKS to Christopher Olin, Desirae Williams, and Emily Hull all their efforts in making the event a success! AND to the other EP Committee members for helping us staff the event.