Marketing Coordinator

Role at GreenWorks:

Andrea is the Marketing Coordinator for GreenWorks. Her responsibilities include planning and organizing proposals, creating and updating project profiles and project descriptions, getting the GreenWorks name ‘out there,’ checking publications and the Web frequently for opportunities, and calling contacts regarding interesting projects. She helps out with project-related reports and graphics, and is a member of the Society for Marketing Professional Services, attending various events sponsored by SMPS.

Why I work here:

I enjoy working for an environmental firm; someplace I can contribute in making a difference in the way the world is developed. I am lucky to be able to promote great people doing great projects and it is nice to work with others who have common goals. I like working in a place where my co-workers take their work seriously, but are creative enough to have a lot of fun doing it. Plus, I can throw airplanes at work and nobody gets too mad at me.


Western Washington University
Bachelor of Arts in Communication/Minor in Art

Portland State University
Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

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