Landscape Designer

Role at GreenWorks:

Derek’s role as a landscape designer is part of a larger effort to accommodate the growing urban population while protecting and enhancing our natural resources. He assists with project level design, graphics, and production on a variety of projects that include green infrastructure, urban development, recreation, and environmental enhancements. His curiosity and quest for knowledge has drawn him to Portland as a city to learn from. Derek’s personal activities include mountain biking, hockey, golf, skydiving, drawing, and photography.

Why I work here:

Environmental design plays a key role in influencing cultures as they progress. GreenWorks is creating exemplary new approaches to sustainable design and improving infrastructure. They are directly contributing toward shifts in the way people experience, and think about the constructed world around them. I am excited to be part of a talented team that produces high quality work, with such a clear passion for the environment. For me, this is an ideal place to challenge myself and grow as a professional.


California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture

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