Associate | Landscape Designer

Role at GreenWorks:

Jeff began his professional career at GreenWorks in 2002, enjoying 2 years with the team before departing on an eye opening, 5-year adventure working for the German firm Atelier Dreiseitl. While with Atelier Dreiseitl, Jeff divided his time between the firm’s offices in Germany, Singapore and China. He gained a broad understanding of the profession and its potential for positive impact to the development and stewardship of our planet at a variety of scales. From new eco-cities designed for 1.5 million inhabitants to small-scale stormwater cleansing biotopes enjoyed by people and wildlife, Jeff gained diverse international experience. Returning to GreenWorks in 2011, Jeff brings a functional design aesthetic that is modern, provocative, and promotes social and environmental accountability.

Why I work here:

Along with the global surge in design and sustainability which has taken place over the past decade comes the challenge as participants in this movement to preserve quality, context and authenticity at a local scale. I’m fortunate to work at GreenWorks and live in a city like Portland because the approaches of both embody this ideal. Along with pushing the envelope of design innovation and having fun doing it, GreenWorks is in tune with its social and environmental surroundings and aims to bring these components of landscape architecture together to create a balanced, livable urban environment, of which I’m proud to live in.

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