Independence Station – Independence, Oregon

Independence Station

This mixed use project is aiming to achieve a Platinum LEED rating, and utilizes a number of rooftop and ecoroof strategies to achieve this end. Second floor rooftop planters provide hanging gardens to green the façade and aid in stormwater management. A third floor roof terrace provides a usable amenity for residents, including an intensive ecoroof with sedums and perennials, as well as small-scale shrubs and trees. Privacy on the terrace is achieved through the use of curvilinear vegetated green screen panels, planted with a mix of evergreen and deciduous materials for seasonal impact. The upper roof is designed with 5000 square feet of additional ecoroof, utilizing a modular tray system with 4″ of soil and succulent vegetation. These are located to work with new photovoltaic panels, resulting in a cooler roof and more efficient electricity generation. All irrigation is supplied by captured rainwater, using a drip system fed by a large, ground-level system. All landscape interventions combined contribute over 10 points to the LEED score.

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