Works / K-12 Schools De La Salle North Catholic High School / Portland, Oregon

de_la_salle (4)The mission of this innovative school is for children in lower socio-economic neighborhoods to receive a quality secondary school education. Each student pays for this valuable education by participating in a school-run work-study program. GreenWorks worked with the project design team to develop a phased, master site-development plan for the entire campus in north Portland. The master plan components included new buildings (60,400 SF) for 12 classrooms, a library, gymnasium, dining hall and chapel. GreenWorks provided the lead role for designing outdoor space, including: entry plazas; an academic amphitheater; a spiritual; courtyard; a community courtyard; a library courtyard; automobile parking and pedestrian circulation. GreenWorks used principles of sustainability to integrate stormwater runoff into the overall site design, utilizing an approach that is environmentally-friendly and provides educational opportunities.