Senior Associate | Landscape Architect

Associations: ASLA
Licensure: Oregon

Role at GreenWorks:

Ron is a licensed landscape architect in the state of Oregon with over 20 years of landscape architectural experience. Ron has developed a strong and comprehensive urban design background combined with broad experience in management of many large projects. Ron also has a unique practical experience record including owning and managing a successful landscape contracting firm for over two years. In addition, he gained experience with design assignments featuring landscape architecture and land planning with several large, landscape architectural firms. Ron’s responsibilities with GreenWorks include project management, urban design, streetscape design and revitalization, commercial design, recreational facilities design, and computer visualization.

Why I work here:

I have analyzed this question for some time, and have come to the conclusion that I need a better definition for the word ‘work’. Is it; why will I work, why am I working, or why do I work, (here)? Maybe this is a trick question. What is work, and why is it here? Is it really work, if you enjoy what you are doing? Let’s see, other synonyms for the word work; labor, drudgery, grind, toil, exertion, moil, slave, sweat, just to name a few. Let us rephrase the question – Why do I practice the profession of landscape architecture? – (here). Now, would that be ‘here’, as in my office, or would that be ‘here’ as in the Portland office? My here may not necessarily be your here. Here, here, …… I know that all sounded rather silly, but that is why, I ‘work here’.
I fit right in…’here, here’


Texas Tech University
Bachelors of Landscape Architecture

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