Beech / Essex Subbasin CSO – Portland, Oregon

Beech / Essex Subbasin CSO

Over the years, Northeast Portland has seen a steady increase in development throughout its neighborhoods. The increase in development, more directly impervious surfaces, has put a strain on the aging stormwater system already in place. When a large storm event occurs, the large volume of runoff from the impervious surfaces overflow in the stormwater pipes and flooding occurs. As a result, local neighborhoods have seen an increase in basement flooding instances. The project focused on reducing runoff from existing impervious surfaces in order to reduce / remove basement-flooding occurrences and reduce the need for costly upsizing of stormwater pipe.

Some of these green solutions include diverting roof downspouts to vegetated infiltration basins to allow for infiltration of run-off into the soil, and the diversion of parking lot run-off into vegetated swales to be filtered prior to draining into the stormwater system. Since these projects will be implemented on developed sites, location of the green solutions may be in existing planter beds, lawn areas, or if feasible, removal of asphalt may occur.

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