Associate | Landscape Architect

Licensure: Oregon

Role at GreenWorks:

Shawn Kummer has a Masters of Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Minnesota and a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Earlham College. His experience spans a range of research projects including a commuter rail study, transportation and regional growth study, and dam inspection and regulations. Additionally, his experience includes work on a charrette for a college courtyard, analysis and documentation of historic gardens, and project management. He has studied historic, urban design and spaces and landscapes in Florence Rome, Venice and Japan and natural environments and ecosystems in the southwest of the U.S. Shawn is a designer and project manager for GreenWorks, and has both artistic ability and background that provide depth to his design skills.

Why I work here:

I had feared that checking out of school would mean leaving at the door many of the ideals that brought me to the profession of Landscape Architecture in the first place. In GreenWorks, I found a team dedicated to achieving creative, innovative and quality work, with a strong commitment to environmental and sustainable ethics. While at GreenWorks, I have valued the environment for personal growth that is encouraged and supported. But lets gets serious, what’s not to like about a place where you can shoot a stuffed screaming monkey across the office at your coworkers.


University of Minnesota – Master of Landscape Architecture
Earlham College – Bachelor of Liberal Arts

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