Works / Stormwater Retrofitting De La Salle North High School / Portland, Oregon

de_la_salle_nhs (1)

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de_la_salle (5)This project aimed to provide on-site sustainable stormwater management, as well as implement visible educational opportunities for attendees of De La Salle’s North High School, in their renovated Kenton location. Using the BES stormwater strategies as a basis for design, elements were incorporated throughout the site master plan including parking lot swales, rain gardens, permeable paving, stormwater art, and a central stormwater plaza which can double as an outdoor laboratory for science-related cirriculum. All of these fit within the context and safety parameters of an urban school and historic building. Phase one, constructed in 2007, provided 100% management of on-site stormwater in the new parking/drop off zone with integrated swales and stormwater gardens. Fundraising and grant-writing is currently underway for Phase two.