Pleasant Valley On-Site Stormwater Master Plan – Gresham, Oregon

Pleasant Valley On-Site Stormwater Master Pla

Pleasant Valley is a 1,500 acre expansion of the Portland Metro Area’s urban growth boundary located between the cities of Gresham and Portland. The area will accomodate 5,000 new housing units and 5,000 new jobs. As part of the master plan, GreenWorks led the development of an overall stormwater management plan that mimicked the natural or pre-development conditions though the use of green streets and regional detention systems. The goals of the on-site stormwater management plan were to:

– Mimic the predevelopment condition in quality, quantity and rate of water leaving the site.
– Mitigate stormwater as close to the source as possible.
– Offer a varied and flexible range of best management practices in the form of a toolbox for developers to utilize.
– Create a process by which a developer can easily implement the requirements in a cost effective and timely manner.
GreenWorks provided illustrated approaches and potential solutions to address these goals. This included graphics for greenstreets, stormwater collection, conveyance paths, infiltration and treatment. Additionally, we developed a conceptual neighborhood stormwater management and transition diagram, a green stormwater development toolbox, and town center implementation solutions for green streets.

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