Works / Green Roofs & Green Walls Northwest Health Eco Roof and Solar Panel / Portland, Oregon

NW Health EcoroofNorthwest Health Foundation, located in downtown Portland, Oregon chose to install an Eco roof when faced with the need to replace their roof. The goals of the project were to create an Eco roof to manage stormwater, reduce energy use inside the building and cool outside air temperatures. Solar panels and the Eco roof had to meet the same weight constraints as the old, traditional roof. GreenWorks designed a lightweight Eco roof that would not require structural upgrades and integrated that design under a new solar panel installation.  The project was approved for a City of Portland Ecoroof Grant.The ecoroof was integrated under the solar panel installation to keep the panels cool and provide complete ecoroof coverage over the entire roof.  Due to the structural weight of the solar panels, the ecoroof under the solar panels was designed to be under 10 lbs / square foot. The Eco roof absorbs rainfall to help with stormwater management, increases the longevity of the roof, improves the urban environment by minimizing temperature changes, provides habitat, and improves air quality. It was installed in June 2012.