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Kenton Condominiums

Kenton Condominiums is a 12 unit mixed use project in North Portland, located adjacent to the MAX Interstate Light rail. Tucked in a tight infill site, the 3-story project, designed by The Miller|Hull Partnership, will provide a distinctive gateway to the Kenton neighborhood, and includes a small retail corner, courtyard entries, and private open space amenity. Sustainable landscape features include permeable asphalt parking, permeable pavers in pedestrian zones, as well as infiltration planters fed by sculptural downspout features. The courtyards include semi-private entrances, as well as lush landscape using pots and planters. The main patio open space includes a rain garden, deck, outdoor fireplace, and central overhead rainwater downspout that feeds a runnel that provides visible expression of water to users. A vine covered trellis over parking, extensive use of ornamental grasses, and distinctive specimens, provides a clean, modern design that fits the character of the building and living spaces.