Works / Public Buildings Justice Center Improvements / Salem, Oregon

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The Oregon Department of Justice (DOJ) is the main legal branch of government for the State of Oregon. Its main offices are located in a historic building built in 1929 adjacent to the state capitol building and the capitol mall grounds. GreenWorks provided new planting and irrigation design services to replace existing planting and irrigation. Much of the existing planting and irrigation piping was from the 1930’s and in need of an upgrade. Large overgrown rhododendrons were posing security concerns and the irrigation system had become a patchwork of repairs. The new planting design addresses security, provides a mixture of native and ornamental plant species, and upholds the standards of the capitol mall landscape. The new, efficient irrigation system uses water-saving rotor spray heads. Additional project site improvements include waterproofing for the building foundation and a large electrical vault, in addition to resurfacing the facility parking area. These improvements follow on the heels of an extensive interior remodel completed in 2007.