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West Bull Mountain Planning

Portland added the 500-acre West Bull Mountain area to the UGB in 2002. GreenWorks collaborated with a large and diverse multidisciplinary team creating a concept plan for this new addition. GreenWorks supported the community planning effort by integrating transportation, natural resources, sustainability, and infrastructure into the overall parks, open space and trail design for the community. GreenWorks was responsible for proposing the quantity of parks, trails, and open space in the master plan alternatives and the quality requirements for its access and its amenities to make a livable, walkable community of distinction.

Collaborating with the stakeholder work group, the technical advisory group, Washington County and the design team, a system plan was created considering: neighborhood parks, community parks, tot lots, open space and trails that incorporate the area’s natural topography, vegetation, landslide considerations, stream corridors, and view sheds. Overall, GreenWorks provided system planning to integrate the parks, trails, and open space as functional elements in the comprehensive stormwater infrastructure and transportation network.