Works / Commercial Synopsys / Hillsboro, Oregon

Synopsis_1Synopsis_2GreenWorks assisted in the development of a master plan and design of a 46 acre high-tech campus with seven buildings to be built in three phases over 15 years.  GreenWorks created the master plan to provide a unique campus layout that built upon the agricultural setting of the site.  A large hedgerow of poplar trees reinforces the axial relationship of the buildings while connecting the site to its agricultural setting.  Pedestrian pathways, lush landscapes, and large beautiful lawns allow for a relaxing campus environment while providing recreation opportunities such as a basketball court and soccer field for employees.

Phase I included the design of two 116,000 SF buildings and associated parking as well as a pedestrian pathway that provides a connection to the Orenco LRT station.  The overall design intent was to create a high tech environment with bold colors, rich textures, and unique style.