Works / Parks – Community Meinig Park / Sandy, Oregon

Meinig ParkFrom casual visits to the playground during the weekday to 40,000 people in one weekend during the famous City of Sandy Mountain Festival, Meinig Park sees the entire range of uses and impacts from visitors. As an older park, Meinig Park and its facilities have been well used. GreenWorks designed a new parking lot at the base of the park which includes pervious pavement, daylighting of an existing culverted creek that runs through the park, new sidewalks, a park trailhead and pedestrian gateway. An existing amphitheater will be removed and a new one installed in its place. GreenWorks’ design for the new amphitheater includes a new stage and expanded seating to accommodate larger performances. An existing restroom building will be renovated for accessibility and to match current architecture of the park, and a new accessible path will be developed to connect the lower parking lot to the amphitheater and restroom. GreenWorks sited the pathway to minimize impact to existing trees. Additionally, GreenWorks designed planting areas for several inaccessible pathways which will be removed and re-vegetated with native plants.