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The da Vinci Performance Classroom is a prototype classroom design for Portland Public Schools. The classroom design serves as a study model for the school district with the intent for the school district to be able to grow and educate its residents in a sustainable way. Waiting for the final additional funding to start construction, the classroom will set an example of high environmental standards for future PPS classrooms and for other school districts. The goal is to achieve LEED Platinum certification for this building, the first public secondary education building to achieve this status. The modular classroom is based on a high performance classroom prototype developed by G. Z. “Charlie” Brown, Professor of Architecture at the University of Oregon. The new classroom will use 40% 70% less energy than a regular classroom. Storm water runoff from the building will serve the adjacent stormwater garden. As a living laboratory and teaching aid, the storm water run-off is animated and expressed in the design to consider the building. The classroom uses the opportunities of the site to facilitate development of an outdoor music amphitheater and sculpture court.