Works / Housing & Healthcare Cherry Park at Orenco Station / Hillsboro, Oregon

Orenco_229th Corner Aerial

Using new urbanist principles outlined in the Orenco Station master plan, Cherry Park incorporates proximity to light rail, pedestrian friendly environments, open space, and a mix of housing types, being developed by Tom Walsh, and with a team that included Alpha Community Development and Michael Willis Architects. The development, consisting of a variety of single-family homes, is situated on the historic site of a former landscape nursery, and many interesting and significant trees were protected during the site planning and design. A linear green space is adjacent to all units and includes a variety of amenities, while offering passive recreation and play areas for residents. Lush ornamental landscape plantings, walkways, sensitive light, narrow streets and interesting landscape monuments and markers, as well as lighting, contribute to the overall qualities of density and livability, making it a logical choice for one of the nationwide LEED-ND pilot projects.