Works / Urban Planning Court Avenue and Riverfront Enhancement Planning / Pendleton, Oregon

Pendleton Riverfront Park1 (2)riverfrontFor the better part of a decade, the City of Pendleton explored ways to upgrade the downtown riverfront area and capitalize on opportunities for economic development, public use, and social and recreational activities.  The City of Pendleton worked with GreenWorks and a team of consultants to implement a design that significantly enhances this riverfront area of downtown. Four important project goals were identified, with an overall objective of enhancing the identity of an economically vibrant, livable, and inviting downtown. They include the following:

  • Link the Community to the Umatilla River
  • Enhance Court Avenue and Riverfront Aesthetics
  • Create a Safe and Vibrant Pedestrian Environment
  • Create a Grand Sense of Arrival to the Downtown Riverfront Area

The project team also worked with the community to create opportunities for the public to play an integral role in the planning process.  A 3-day design charrette was held as a collaborative process to help determine priority projects for implementation.  This successful process included two open houses in which working concepts were presented. Community feedback was recorded and incorporated into the design.  Ultimately, several projects were constructed on a fast track schedule in time for the 100th Anniversary of the Pendleton Round-up in September 2010 including: Riverfront Park, Centennial Plaza, and Westgate Intersection Gateway and Highway Improvements.