Metro Parks Systemwide Plan

The Metro Parks and Natural Areas System Plan sought to answer the following questions: What does the region need for the future? What should Metro destinations look like? How can the region work together to build this vision? GreenWorks was tasked with uncovering the answers to these questions, along with our team of consultants and community based organization partners. The System plan helped lay the groundwork for future decisions regarding Metro’s role as a regional landowner and steward of these precious lands. Even as the parks portfolio changes, the goal remains the same: to honor the trust that citizens of the region invested in Metro by approving two natural areas bond measures. The System Plan is an opportunity to fulfill the vision of the voters and create an integrated vision for the next 20 years.

Collaboration with Community Based Organizations

Metro is dedicated to promoting equity goals in their operations, staffing, contracting and other aspects of their mission. GreenWorks recognized the System Plan as an opportunity to understand values from a cultural diversity perspective and to develop strategies that promote equity in programming and development. In the course of this project, equity was integrated into all team discussions. GreenWorks teamed with Self Enhancement, Inc, Multicultural Collaborative, and Coalition of Communities of Color on this project.

Parks and Nature System Plan 020416.jpg
Parks and Nature System Plan 0204161.jpg