Couch Park

GreenWorks was hired by Portland Parks & Recreation to design the new playground, address accessibility issues in the plaza, and install a new Portland Loo at Couch Park in Northwest Portland. GreenWorks prepared and presented the three options for a new playground and plaza to the public, and we are currently moving forward into the Design Development phase for the preferred concept design.

One of the top priorities for the playground is to make it inclusive, which means that it should be designed for children of all ages and abilities. GreenWorks partnered with a national expert and advocate for inclusive playground design to help design a playground that provides exceptional play opportunities for all children.

As part of the outreach strategy for the project, we conducted three meetings with the Metropolitan Learning Center students’ Couch Playground Elective group. The purpose of the elective class was to educate the students on the design process, understand how they use the playground, and elicit their feedback on our design options.