Andrew Holder

Landscape Designer

Role at GreenWorks

Andrew brings over 16 years of experience as a landscape designer in several local firms. He has immersed himself in a wide variety of project types and scales, for clients including public agencies, health providers, public schools, higher education, commercial and residential developers, and private energy producers. Andrew always keeps the big-picture goals of a project at the forefront, while grounding them with attention to detail and a practical eye for constructability.

Examples of Andrew’s past projects include public parks, trail and recreation planning, courtyard gardens, green roofs, stormwater features, elementary schools, and public memorials. He balances creative skills such as planting design, concept sketching, and illustration in both traditional and digital media with solid technical skills such as grading and detailing.  In the end the main point is a well-built project, so he brings a detailed focus to on-site construction administration to ensure success. Andrew has always loved exploring the wild side of the Pacific Northwest, from the ocean to the volcano peaks, and is fascinated by the natural patterns and the tremendous beauty and diversity of the geology, wildlife, and plant communities. Those inspirations run through his design aesthetic, and reinforce his ethic of treating the land as one of the primary stakeholders in every project.

Why I Work Here

GreenWorks has a fantastic portfolio of past projects to draw from, and continues to bring in exciting, innovative work. It’s my colleagues’ extensive collective set of experience, however, that is the biggest draw for me—both to support my own professional growth and for design collaboration. GreenWorks has an inspiring approach to environmental design, and I look forward to contributing my energy to future projects that benefit the land, trees, critters, and water as much as they benefit people.