Dave Walters

Senior Associate
Licensure: Oregon

Role at GreenWorks:
Dave Walters is a Senior Associate at GreenWorks providing technical and design input on projects. His experience in construction documents and administration on complex projects helps guide the firm’s quality control process. He also manages a few key projects while mentoring the junior staff. Probably his most important (and favorite) role is making the office coffee as he is usually the first to arrive each day.

Why I Work Here:
GreenWorks is one of the leaders in the use of creative, sustainable solutions to design problems. The firm has a passion for being stewards of the earth. They volunteer in the community and provide their expertise to help improve Portland’s livability. Their quality staff seeks opportunities to further educate themselves to advance their problem solving skills. I am happy to be part of this endeavor and hope my experience will assist the office in their continued success reaching toward their vision and goals.