Mike Faha

Principal | Landscape Architect
Licensure: Oregon

Role at GreenWorks:
Mike Faha, PLA, FASLA, LEED AP, is a founding principal of GreenWorks. His primary professional interest is in creating livable, sustainable communities that balance economic, ecological, and social needs. Mike leads planning and design project teams which integrate urban ecology, green infrastructure, and urban design on a variety of project types. Mike is adept at working with clients, regulators, and stakeholders in creating projects with broad support. His prior employment with engineering, ecological and landscape architectural firms helped propel him into a leadership role that integrates various professional disciplines, helping them in meeting broad-based community design objectives. Since establishing the firm in 1987, Mike’s responsibilities have grown to include all aspects of a private practice.

Why I work here:
I am a fourth generation Oregonian. Having spent my first 18 years as the son of an air force fighter pilot raised in 16 contrasting locations throughout the USA and abroad, I returned to Oregon in 1974 to go to college and have been in Oregon ever since. When I took an introductory class on Landscape Architectural Theory from Chuck DeDeurwaeder, I found my calling, a blending of applied art and science that I knew would challenge me for a lifetime. After that discovery, I realized that Oregon was a special place for having the foresight to adopt innovative statewide land-use planning legislation; and for its citizens’ willingness to make conscientious choices for their future. I have endeavored to build a design practice that reflects the principles that inspired Oregonians to draw a line in the sand, against unregulated growth in the early 1970′s, and am passionate about creating a vision for sustainable community design. Working with the people at GreenWorks is great. They are highly professional, committed, passionate about their work, and fun loving.