Veronica Ullauri

Office Coordinator

ullauri_color_webRole at GreenWorks:
Veronica is the Office Coordinator for GreenWorks. As the office coordinator she is responsible for all administrative duties, supporting the staff with various tasks, and maintaining a comfortable work environment. From facilitating meetings to impromptu coffee runs, Veronica is the catch-all of the office, ready to take on any task that comes her way.

Why I work here:
I’m a native Portlandian, and have been lucky enough to grow up in a city that values the environment and places sustainability high on their list of priorities. In turn, I take great pride in working for a company that shares those same belief systems. I’m a recent graduate of Oregon State University, where I studied Public Health, with an emphasis on health promotion and health behavior. There I learned that the environment plays an increasingly important role in the health of a community, and is one of the largest determinants of individual health. Safe water, clean air, and access to parks and playgrounds all contribute to our health. GreenWorks does an excellent job at improving the world around us in a sustainable and renewable way, while creating works that are innovative and aesthetically pleasing. I’m proud to be a part of a team who is making such a positive impact on Portland and its surrounding cities.