Hood River Waterfront Park

GreenWorks provided master planning and design services for the waterfront park in Hood River. The 6-acre park lies north of downtown between the Hood River Event Site and “The Hook” (a protected harbor for learning windsurfing) on property donated by the Port of Hood River. The Park helps connect the community to the Columbia River through a family-friendly public gathering space that accommodates a wide spectrum of uses. Our team went on to provide design services. Design features include beach and swimming access to the Columbia River, innovative children’s play facilities, and flexible areas for large community events and festivals. In addition, the park reclaims eight hundred feet of riverbank, laying back the slope and restoring the river’s edge with a wide variety of native riparian plants. The park sits north of commercial use sites to the south and has improved connectivity to the waterfront and increased economic development and commercial revitalization.


Bend Whitewater Park

On the Deschutes River, the Colorado Avenue Dam maintains water surface elevations upstream in the Mill District, but is located in an area of the river that is heavily used by boaters, kayakers, and tubers. Prior to this project, the dam and footbridge configuration blocked downstream passage and required all river users to exit the river and portage around the impediment, exposing a high number of low-skilled users to the potential of being swept into the dam.

A team that included GreenWorks designed this project to provide safe passage over the existing dam. In addition to the in-water recreational components, the design includes increased habitat diversity along the river by incorporating fish passage and on-bank habitat restoration, design improvements to McKay Park, and replacement of the pedestrian bridge. The project is made up of three distinct channels: Passageway Channel with modest rapids; the center Whitewater Channel with four wave features for more experienced whitewater enthusiasts; and the Habitat Channel, with no public access, provides habitat to local and migratory wildlife. Opened in 2015, the new Bend Whitewater Park enhances recreation by allowing river users to travel through the dam without having to portage and improves riverfront habitat in an ecologically sensitive area.

Whitewater Park Spectators.jpg

Gresham Center for the Arts Plaza

 GreenWorks designed the new Center for the Arts Plaza in downtown Gresham for the city and its non-profit partners. The plaza is the new “living room” for Gresham and features a dramatic integration of the arts using light, water and sound. Key features include “art pillars” dedicated to literature, music, performance and fine art. Additionally, an interactive public fountain, large gathering space for concerts and dynamic lighting effects enhance nighttime activity. The plaza spills out into a “festival street” along Third Street and is host to many community events such as farmer’s markets, civic ceremonies and patrons of the Center for the Arts.


Independence Fountain

GreenWorks designed and supervised the construction of a new fountain as the finishing touch to a street level plaza for the City of Independence. The newly constructed street level plaza was part of a Public Amphitheatre project, which was also designed by GreenWorks. The fountain serves as the public face of the Amphitheatre and as an integral part of the streetscape. It provides a focal point for the street level plaza and announces one’s arrival to the City of Independence. The fountain design includes a custom cast bronze bowl on a pre-cast concrete pedestal within a set of tiered concentric basins faced with brick. Water flows from a single jet in the bronze bowl overflowing into the basins that are linked by spillways. The lower basin incorporates a stainless steel sign inscribed with the words “City of Independence”. The tops of each basin wall incorporate a pre-cast concrete cap that serves as seating and allows the Citizens of Independence to sit and feel the water.

independence fountain.JPG

Independence Amphitheater

GreenWorks provided conceptual design, construction documents, and construction observation for this prominently located amphitheater in downtown Independence, Oregon. GreenWorks also provided cost estimates, stakeholder presentations, and constructability reviews. Project goals included the use of local or recycled materials where possible, preservation of existing vegetation, reduced water consumption, the use native plants, control of erosion, and reduced stormwater runoff. The amphitheater has become a major public gathering place for events all across the Willamette Valley.

Independence DowntownSmall.jpg

Simpson Pavilion

As a sub to Opsis, GreenWorks provided services to Bend Parks and Recreation District (BPRD) for the conversion of a former 3.25 acre parking lot into a new open-air pavilion that will house an Olympic-standard ice rink in the winter and numerous activities such as tennis, basketball, and concerts in the summer. The site was redeveloped with an iconic pavilion structure, support facilities, a courtyard green, and flexible lawn spaces adjacent to the pavilion for community events. Per BPRD’s direction, several Low Impact Development (LID) techniques were incorporated. For stormwater management, LID alternatives such as infiltration swales and galleries throughout the site for stormwater collection were provided. Other LID options include providing ample bicycle access, bicycle parking, and pedestrian connectivity. The project was completed in 2015.