Kʰunamokwst Park Update

Construction at Kʰunamokwst Park is well over the half-way point and is starting to show off some the features. Much of the sidewalks are paved, and the skatedot and stonework in the water feature and play area are nearing completion. One of the main features of the park includes a stone carving of a Douglas Fir Cone which will be placed in the play area for kids to climb. Images below show progress on some of the main features.

The  Douglas Fir cone  in-progress by artist/stone carver Mauricio Saldana.

Emerald Masonry is artfully arranged in the play area to provide a physical connection to the Columbia Gorge.

Stonework in the water feature.

Evergreen Skateparks has completed the perimeter walls and deck of the skatedot.