The Stormwater Green Wall at the Portland Expo Center has a new admirer!


A female mallard duck was recently photographed enjoying the Wall’s lush vegetation. Since opening in 2014, the Stormwater Green Wall has flourished. After a winter that broke rainfall records in the Portland Metro area, the ferns, star jasmine, sedge, and other plants are thriving. The Stormwater Green Wall was designed in partnership with the City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) as a pilot project. The Wall manages and treats 9,400 square feet of roof stormwater runoff, and it continues to be monitored to better understand its performance and relevance to future projects. The Stormwater Green Wall was constructed as a freestanding custom metal structure with a gravity water distribution system that feeds stormwater to a series of vegetated channels that filter pollutants and absorb stormwater. We are delighted to learn that besides processing stormwater, it provides urban wildlife habitat too!



GreenWorks Presents Portland EXPO Stormwater Wall to Oregon APWA

GreenWorks hosted a Water Resources Committee Meeting for the Oregon Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) on April 9th. For this event, Mike Faha and Shawn Kummer presented The Portland EXPO Stormwater Wall project that was designed by GreenWorks and constructed last fall 2014. Click on the link provided below for additional information about the project. /blog/2014/10/06/portland-expo-center-stormwater-green-wall-grand-opening


Lloyd Center Redevelopment Project

GreenWorks is currently working with Waterleaf Architects on an extensive redevelopment project of the Lloyd Center Mall that is being undertaken by Cypress Equities, the management company for Lloyd Center. A significant part of the project includes the creation of a new pedestrian gateway plaza entrance into the heart of the shopping center from NE Multnomah Blvd, located on the south/central side of the mall. A portion of the existing parking deck/garage and existing mall building west of Macy’s will be carved away in order to create the new open air pedestrian plaza that will provide a stronger connection to the mall. One of the signature project elements features a 700 square foot green wall forming a prominent edge along the plaza entry. Interior renovation improvements are also being undertaken as part of this project, which includes a dramatic spiral staircase at the new entry visible through the glass curtain wall at the north end of the new plaza. Improvements to three other entrances were completed in fall 2014. Design of this phase of the project is nearing completion and construction is to be completed by fall 2015. The artistic rendering, courtesy of Waterleaf, shows a view looking north into the new plaza and mall entrance.

Courtesy of Waterleaf Architeture