The Not-So-Lost Art of Drawing

Flora, a senior project manager at GreenWorks, took the opportunity this week to present to us the importance drawing has on the design process. An article written by renowned architect, Michael Graves, inspired the presentation. He argues that computer-aided design software, such as AutoCAD and SketchUp, has replaced hand-drawing along multiple phases of the design process. His ultimate message is that drawing should never divorce itself from design, because it stimulates the imagination and expresses the interaction of mind, body, and hand more so than technology is able to. Flora shares these beliefs with Graves, and often utilizes hand-drawing over computer-aided design software in her designs. This process is directly reflected in her work for Mt. Hood Community College where, after site analysis and setting goals with the clients, Flora began with study sketches of the space. Through refinement, she transformed the sketches into design layouts. The concept plans and axonometric sketches were presented to the students and faculty at an open house at the school earlier this week. Thank you for sharing your design process with us Flora!

To read the article in its entirety please follow the link: Architecture and the Lost Art of Drawing

Washougal Waterfront Nature Play Area

GreenWorks was hired by The Port of Camas-Washougal to design a new nature play area. The play area will be a highlight along a mile-long trail that begins at Washougal Waterfront Park and meanders along the shoreline of the Columbia River. The focal point in the play area is a large existing boulder nicknamed “Erric the Erratic” and playful sculpture of a sasquatch pulling the boulder out of the earth. The Port is seeking a name for the sasquatch. To submit your idea, visit the website:

GreenWorks is working with NW Playground and ID Sculptures to create this unique play element.

An Exciting Project in Astoria!

Mike Faha and Derek Sergison recently visited Astoria earlier this month for a series of public meetings related to the Shively Park and McClure Park Master Plans. The public meetings will help our master planning team collect community input that will lead to establishing a future vision for these parks. We are very excited to be working again in Astoria. Other recent work includes the Astoria Waterfront Visioning Plan, The Riverwalk project, and Downtown Wayfinding Plan.

Tanner Springs Park continues to get international and national interest

On October 27, 2016 GreenWorks led a tour for the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture of Beijing University and staff of Landscape Architecture Frontiers publication. This tour group was particularly interested in technical issues related to: soil/vegetation approaches for water quality treatment; the ultra- violet finishing treatment that allows for human contact with the treated water; and soil capping issues for a former brownfield site. GreenWorks typically leads 4-6 tours per year since Tanner Springs Park opened in 2005. Tour groups have included national and international professional and environmental organizations and academic institutions. Visitors are interested in a variety of issues, including design inspiration, public involvement and outreach, and technical challenges.

Tanner Springs Design Team: Artist: Herbert Dreiseitl, Ueberlingen, Germany Landscape Architect: Dreiseitl/Waterscapes Inc. Ueberlingen, Germany Local Landscape Architect: GreenWorks PC, Portland Civil Engineers: KPFF Consulting Engineers, Portland Mechanical/Electrical Engineering: R&W Engineering Inc., Beaverton Fountain Engineering: CMS Collaborative, Santa Cruz Botany and Wetland Plants: Cooke Scientific Services, Inc., Seattle Construction: Slayden Construction, Slayton Client: City of Portland Parks and Recreation

Cardinals and Broncos at GreenWorks!



Students from programs at Ball State University (The Cardinals) and Cal Poly Pomona (The Broncos) visited our office this week. We always love talking to students, introducing them to our office, and giving them a glimpse into what they can expect when they begin their professional lives. It is also edifying for our staff to hear about what the next generation is learning in the classroom that will impact the future of the industry. From what we can see, the future is in great hands. Recent student visitors tell us about their studies in “cradle to cradle” or regenerative design, a holistic approach to design to attain efficient and waste-free environments. Our designers enjoy sharing our green infrastructure projects like the Portland Expo Center Stormwater Green Wall and Clay Street Green Street to illustrate sustainable design in Portland.

Couch Park comment forms for the playground and plaza improvements are due Thursday December 10th.

GreenWorks was been hired by Portland Parks & Recreation to design the new playground, address accessibility issues in the plaza and install a new Portland Loo at Couch Park as part of the Parks Replacement Bond. We presented the three options below for the playground at an Open House on December 3rd . Online comments are due Thursday December 10th and can be found here: One of the top priorities for the playground is for it to be inclusive, which mean that it should be designed for children of all ages and abilities. We have been working closely with Mara Kaplan from Let Kids Play who is a national expert and advocate for inclusive playground design. Mara was brought on to the design team to help us design a playground that provides exceptional play opportunities for all children.

Concept 1 - Cascadian

Concept 2 - Stumptown

Concept 3 - Mosaic

Independence Parks Master Plan

GreenWorks has been working with the City of Independence to update their Parks and Open Space Master Plan. The plan will examine the changing recreational needs of the larger, more diverse population while also incorporating modern recreational trends. The update will also develop a new list of goals and tasks to ensure that the City can provide for the future recreational needs of the community. Two public open houses have been held to engage the community in determining future park and open space needs. Riverview_MP_Color_Options_1to100_Progressive (3)

GreenWorks Presents New Project in Astoria

GreenWorks met with the city of Astoria to present the Downtown Astoria Pedestrian Wayfinding Concept Plan. Those in attendance were city officials, focus group members, and Astoria community members. The presentation focused on distinct sign typologies that direct and inform pedestrians getting around downtown Astoria. Following the presentation was an interactive group discussion about sign locations, aesthetic preferences interpretive sign opportunities.