Landscape Architecture Rising

One of the projects included SWA Group and their work on Houston’s buffalo bayou transformation which turned a derelict channel into urban paradise

A great article 'Landscape Architecture Rising', appeared in the July issue of Engineering News-Record offered some great press about the relevance and growth of the profession of landscape architecture. Something all of us at GreenWorks can agree with.

"Need to stop flooding or reduce stormwater runoff and sewer overflows? Looking to ease demand on treatment plants and avoid the cost of expansion? Seeking cleaner air or water? Interested in recharging an aquifer, rebuilding a shoreline or remediating a brownfield? Trying to stem highway pollution? Need to rebalance a watershed or ecosystem? If so, a landscape architect may be in your future. The design professional—until recently derided as little more than a glorified gardener—is on a campaign to reclaim a seat at the environmental cleanup table. Some are even bent on sitting at the head, leading the engineers."
Read more and see more images from the article here.