Green Streets in American Nurseryman

The article 'Green Streets for Green Cities', was recently published in the August 2009 issue of American Nurseryman magazine.  The article outlines GreenWorks' work with the City of Portland - taken up the challenge of converting gray pavement to green oases, protecting the region’s ecosystem through more efficient — and more aesthetic — management of stormwater.


An excerpt from the article.  Check out the AN website for online version of the article (by subscription):

"Using soil and vegetation, Green Streets mimic natural conditions to manage runoff on the surface, at the source. The plants absorb water, and their roots help water soak into the ground. Plant roots and soil bacteria help break down stormwater pollutants. Roots, insects and worms increase the space between soil particles and increase stormwater storage. Green Streets can be attractive neighborhood amenities, and a variety of plants can provide a range of looks."