Astoria Waterfront Vision Plan Takes National Honors

As part of a comprehensive waterfront visioning project for the City of Astoria, Oregon, GreenWorks assisted in the planning efforts for the riverfront in Astoria concentrating on accessibility, circulation, open space, parks, trails, and sustainable solutions.  We assisted in the planning for open space and pedestrian connections that reinforce the values of community members as well as preserve the special character of this historic city.  We also assisted the community in identifying what is unique and well-loved about their community and provided them with imagery, plans and strategies to guide future community development.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration honored this project with its Walter B. Jones Memorial and NOAA Excellence Awards. The Astoria Riverfront Vision Plan took national honors for educating the community about the value of cultural and natural resources.

The Oregonian highlights this National Award and how the development process surrounding the Astoria Riverfront Vision Plan:

A full list of the 2010 Award Winners can be found at: