Pendleton Riverfront Plaza Construction Well Underway

Construction continues on Pendleton's new Riverfront Plaza designed by GreenWorks.  The Plaza is expected to be complete this September to celebrate the 100th annual Pendleton Round-Up.

The goal of this project was to replace residential properties along the Umatilla River Greenway Trail that had been purchased by the City to produce a park connection from Court Avenue to the Greenway Trail.

GreenWorks’ design for this park focused on providing a strong connection from Court Avenue and the neighborhood to the River Parkway trail located on an elevated levee on the northern edge of the park; and developing an urban park facing Court Avenue that provided for passive recreation uses and festival activities.

Park elements included trees, native landscaping adjacent to the Greenway, paved courtyard area, ramps and stair connections to the Greenway trail and decorative  native stone walls that were also utilized at Westgate Intersection Gateway to the Court Avenue improvements together.

This project was done in partnership with the City of Pendleton staff and required coordination with ODOT and USA COE.