GreenWorker Pitches in to Clean Clackamas River

Last weekend, Alex Perove volunteered (along with 350 other river lovers) to clean up the Clackamas River. Together, the volunteers hauled out approximately 5,000 pounds (2.5 tons) of trash from 14 miles of riverbank and bottom. This immense effort inspires a community of artists to take a turn in the ripples of a great sustainable cause. As part of the Ripple Effect effort, local artists will transform the recovered river trash into handcrafted works of art that will be enjoyed in a new way by our community, completing the full life cycle of our waste.

Save the date and come check out the Ripple Effect art exhibit on 1st Thursday, in the Pearl. 7pm on Oct. 7th at the Keen "Green Room"

A huge thank you from We Love Clean Rivers and the Clackamas River Basin Council for all of their efforts to improve the health of our beloved Clackamas River.