Native Planting Restoration Begins at the Wyeth Columbia River Treaty Fishing Access Site


GreenWorks is working with Advanced American Construction, Inc., the contractor for this U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project, to design and build a fishing access site on the Columbia River for Native American Tribes.  This In-Lieu site is one of a total of 31 sites totaling 400 acres, that will fulfill treaty agreements that the U.S. government made with Native American Tribes that guarantee access to Columbia River fishing grounds that were lost as a result of the construction of the Bonneville, Dalles and John Day Dams. 

The Wyeth site is located approximately 10 miles to the west of Hood River, and entails the construction of a new bridge for access over the railroad line, dock, boatramp, breakwaters and campground facility. Restoration using native plant species has recently been completed on the bridge abutment slopes. In addition to the container plantings, the slopes have been seeded for erosion control along with a biotic soil amendment called PermMatrix, a new product by Sunmark Seeds, which brings together many of the soil like components that are needed for plant growth. This product is an excellent alternative to importing top soil. Planting installation on the project is by Cedar Landscape, Inc. of Hillsboro, Oregon. Engineering on the project was provided by PND Engineers, Inc. out of Seattle, Washington.