Chambers Creek WWTP Site Perimeter Improvements Under Construction

Construction has begun on the first phase of a 30-year, five-phase expansion of the Chambers Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), located in University Place, WA on a former quarry site on the Puget Sound. The WWTP expansion is necessary to protect the health of the Sound and surrounding environment by upgrading treatment facilities and providing additional capacity that will meet the needs associated with future economic growth in the region.

The first phase consists of 33 acres of site perimeter improvements, and includes a 200'-wide vegetated landscape buffer that extends around the majority of the plant perimeter. This buffer will provide a visual and physical screen to the plant as well as valuable habitat for a variety of native fawna. The north perimeter buffer will also accommodate approximately 6 acres of stormwater infiltration basins and swales that will treat all impervious surfaces throughout existing and future expansion areas of the WWTP.  Additionally, new pedestrian trails will be constructed along the east perimeter buffer to connect existing trail networks adjacent to the WWTP site.

The photo below is a panorama of the site grading for the north perimeter buffer, which includes the stormwater infiltration basins as well as a new reclaimed water basin.  This basin will hold post-process water that will be used to irrigate the entire Chambers Bay Properties, which also include public parks adjacent to the WWTP as well as the award-winning Chambers Bay Golf Course to the north.

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