ASLA Emerging Professionals: Nursery Tour + Wine Tasting

On June 9th five members of GreenWorks enjoyed a beautiful evening in Newberg, Oregon at Oregon Small Trees Nursery.  Danae Davison, Claire Maulhardt, Alex Perove, Azad Sadjadi, and our new summer intern Ben Hedstrom attended a nursery tour plus wine tasting as part of ASLA Oregon’s Emerging Professional (EP) series.  Claire is the ASLA Oregon Emerging Professionals Committee Co-Chair, and put on the event with Emily Hull and Christopher Olin. Dave Leckey, owner of Small Trees Nursery, gave an educational talk about process of building his nursery, consisting mostly of mature small trees.  He explained sustainable processes he implements to grow the trees and shared the different qualities of trees he grows and how their form matures over the years.  Dave discussed how small trees could inspire a design and be a nice accent in small places. The nursery was started about 15 years ago when Dave began planting a group of unique and unusual small slow growing conifers. Today, the nursery still contains mostly small conifers with a small collection of maples.

In tangent with the nursery tour, K&M Alchemy Vineyards held a wine tasting in the central gathering space. Ken Morrison, owner of K&M, poured a selection of their Pinot Noir vintages.

Dave Leckey talks about the qualities and characteristics of a tree at Oregon Small Trees Nursery


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