GreenWorks Collaborates on New Park Design

After assisting the City of Wilsonville receive an Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) grant in 2011, GreenWorks commenced detailed design work on Engelman Park. Given the current economic challenges Cities and Park districts are facing in our region, this project represents a successful collaborative effort with multiple City departments including planning, engineering, natural resources, and park’s maintenance to plan and design a low maintenance nature-based park that meets the needs of the community. The framework of the neighborhood park revolves around large specimen trees that include Doug Fir, Engelmann Spruce, and a lone Red Oak. The trees and spaces in-between embody the spirit of the park as an urban forest in which sensitively placed paths, native plantings, seating areas, and nature-based playgrounds will be welcomed amenities to the Montebello neighborhood and help connect the residents to nature. Funding for the park not only includes an OPRD grant, but is also comprised of private donations and volunteer efforts which will establish an example for park planning in our new economy. The park is scheduled to open this summer.