"You Are Here" Sculpture unveiled at home of Portland Timbers

A new art piece was unveiled recently at Jeld Wen Field, the home of our Portland Timbers MLS team. Artist Ron Baron was commissioned by our local Regional Arts and Culture Council to develop the sculpture. The sculpture is a 9 foot diameter timber round with key artifacts embedded within it that celebrate the site and surrounding neighborhood. Baron described the work as an archaeological dig in which detritus and artifacts are partially buried in the tree rings, appearing to emerge from the wood. GreenWorks was honored to be asked by RACC to assist Ron Baron with the design of a foundation for the sculpture. We developed a number of concepts and settled on a two-column stone base with a stone lined planting bed. The stone was cut and installed by John Lawrence of Stone NW to within fractions of an inch to the sculpture. We were excited to be part of such a talented team and are honored to have a small portion of our work at the home of the Portland Timbers. Below are some photos of the work, and here is a link to a video of the unveiling.