Roger Tilbury Memorial Park – Phase 1

After several years of planning and design, Phase-1 of Roger Tilbury Memorial Park has just received Substantial Completion. This neighborhood park in the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District (THPRD) is unique due to its large size, topography, and natural features. With neighborhood outreach and support, GreenWorks designed a plan for the entire site that provides much needed neighborhood access and connectivity through the park while protecting the wildlife habitat and a stream corridor. Phase-1 includes neighborhood access along the north side of the property, an accessible trail system, a small open lawn, traditional play area, nature play areas, and places to sit and enjoy the natural area. The nature play areas are inspired by the sites remnant Christmas tree farm and wildlife found on the site (Bobcats). Douglas Firs were felled from the remnant tree farm in order to create a healthier, diverse habitat, the accessible trail network, and places for nature play. A future Phase-2 will include an extension of the trail system and a 100’ long pedestrian bridge crossing a stream to connect to the neighborhood along the southern portion of the property. For more coverage of the park, visit




A shot of the fort from below courtesy of Belkor Logworks.