Couch Park comment forms for the playground and plaza improvements are due Thursday December 10th.

GreenWorks was been hired by Portland Parks & Recreation to design the new playground, address accessibility issues in the plaza and install a new Portland Loo at Couch Park as part of the Parks Replacement Bond. We presented the three options below for the playground at an Open House on December 3rd . Online comments are due Thursday December 10th and can be found here: One of the top priorities for the playground is for it to be inclusive, which mean that it should be designed for children of all ages and abilities. We have been working closely with Mara Kaplan from Let Kids Play who is a national expert and advocate for inclusive playground design. Mara was brought on to the design team to help us design a playground that provides exceptional play opportunities for all children.

Concept 1 - Cascadian

Concept 2 - Stumptown

Concept 3 - Mosaic